I use PHP 5.4 and MariaDB 5.6 I have one MYSQL table that contains records with the following:

network_id/size | ip_group | ip | subnet_owner | subnet_location

I want to build a multidimensional array directly from querying the database, is it possible? Why do I need it? I have checkboxes where if you check one IP, the checkbox should show up on the network_id/size and ip_group field. So I want to store them in layers, so I have to search through network_id/size only instead of going through all the records. Alternatively, if I check a whole network_id/size, I have instant access to all IDs.

  • Every IP has an ip_group and a network_id/size
  • groups are unique (there is no duplicate of IP and ip_group pair)

I wish my array to look as follows: network_id/size =>( ip_group =>( ip )))

Also, I would like all the records to be identified with its id as I could easily sort it and look for, let's say, IP in a particular network_id/size and group directly using binary search.

If I cannot build the array directly, what would be the most efficient way to build such an array without using double for loops with (O)n^2 time complexity?

I thought about grouping by network_id/size, putting that into an array, then group by ip_group add that to every array that has matching network_id/size and then does the same with IP, query for all IP and adds it where a matching group is.

  • Essentially no. You would normally parse the flat array result using some kind of application cod, e.g. php, as mentioned – Strawberry Oct 30 '20 at 20:02

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