1. I have a list of Point (coordinates) called profile. Each coordinate point has an X and Y value.
  2. Now, I want to find the coordinate point with the minimum and maximum Y value. The reason being that I want to calculate the coordinates at the center of the profile.
  3. Is there shorter way to accomplish this, such as using a lambda function "=>"?
  4. Here is my code:
        public Point FindCenterXY(List<Point> profile)
            double centerX = profile.First().X + 0.5 * (profile.Last().X - profile.First().X);
            List<double> heights = new List<double>();
            foreach (var pt in profile)
            double centerY = heights.Min() + 0.5 * (heights.Max() - heights.Min());

            return new Point(centerX, centerY);
  1. Many many thanks in advance to your answers.

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