I have a super special proxy i need to use to access certain hosts ( it turns all other traffic away ), and a bunch of complex libraries and applications that can only take a single http proxy configuration parameter for all their http requests. Which are of course a mix of restricted/proxied traffic and traffic that this proxy is refusing to handle.

I've found an example script showing how to manipulate the upstream proxy host/address in upstream mode, but couldn't find any indication in public API, that "breaking out" of upstream mode in a script is possible, to have mitmproxy directly handle traffic instead of sending it upstream, given certain conditions are met ( request target host mostly )

What am i missing? Should i be trying to do this in "regular" mode?

I invoke PAC in the title because it has the DIRECT keyword that allows the library/application to continue processing the request without going to a proxy.



i've found evidence that this is in fact not possible and unlikely to be implemented https://github.com/mitmproxy/mitmproxy/issues/2042#issuecomment-280857954 although this issue and comment is very old, there are some recent related and unanswered questions such as How can I switch mitmproxy mode based on attributes of the proxied request

So instead, i'm pivoting to tinyproxy which does seem to provide this exact functionality https://github.com/tinyproxy/tinyproxy/blob/1.10.0/etc/tinyproxy.conf.in#L143

A shame because the replay/monitoring/interactive editing features of mitmproxy would've been amazing to have

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