I am looking how to mock autofac Resolve method. I am using NUnit and NSubstitute for unit tests. I have a Business method which calls Repository method, and inside business method, i am using

_container.Resolve< IRepository>().GetData()==> here _container is IComponentContext.

Instead of calling real db, i want to mock repository method, but i am not able to do that, every time this line tries to call real db.

In my unit tests, I am trying to mock like this....

private IRepository _Repository;

_repository = Substitute.For< IRepository>();


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Don't try to mock dependency injection. Instead of mocking DI, register your mock with Autofac.

This may mean that you need to modify your code so it allows you to add registrations to the container in a test scenario. In ASP.NET Core they have a notion of ConfigureTestServices for example that allows you to put registrations in a method that only get run in a test scenario.

Another way to do it is to use a custom Startup class where all the methods are virtual so you can override ConfigureServices or ConfigureContainer to register test overrides.

Unfortunately, exactly how you do this is so very application specific that there's not "one way to do it" or a "best practice." You're going to have to do some searching and looking at your own app to figure it out.

However, the takeaway here is: Don't try to mock DI. Use real DI with mocks inside the container.


I was in a similar situation and i dealt with it by not mocking the Container (as Travis suggested), but instead building a real Container and configuring it to return my Mock.

I dunno if this is the best way but below is how i did it, adapting to your problem:

private IContainer _container;

public void Setup()
    //Setup your mocked repository here...

    var builder = new ContainerBuilder();

    builder.Register(x => myMockedRepository).As<IRepository>().InstancePerLifetimeScope();

    _container = builder.build();

public void MyTestCase()
    //Use _container.Resolve<IRepository> in your test...
    //pass your _container as the IComponentContext where needed...

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