I have a a JHipster application and I can see that the UI has all the field labels ok as some sort of defaults. But I also see that the entity specific translations are not being used.

I have a file src/main/webapp/i18n/en/employee.json for example,

  "myApp": {
    "employee": {
      "home": {
        "title": "Employees",
        "createLabel": "Create a new Employee TEST TEST",
        "createOrEditLabel": "Create or edit an Employee",
        "notFound": "No Employees found"
      "created": "A new Employee is created with identifier {{ param }}",
      "updated": "An Employee is updated with identifier TEST TEST {{ param }}",
      "deleted": "An Employee is deleted with identifier {{ param }}",
      "delete": {
        "question": "Are you sure you want to delete Employee {{ id }}?"
      "detail": {
        "title": "Employee"
      "Employee": "Employee",

The create label just says "Create a new Employee", not "Create a new Employee TEST TEST".

Also, when I save an entity, I am seeing translation-not-found[A employee is updated with identifier 1]

Adding information suggested to Gaël Marziou.

  1. Does it work when you restart webpack dev server npm start?

    1. I start my server. In a terminal, I do npm start.

      Webpack: Finished after 35.767 seconds.
      DONE  Compiled successfully in 35797ms                                                                                                                                                                                      12:50:47 PM
      No type errors found
      Version: typescript 3.4.5
    2. Same error: translation-not-found[A employee is updated with identifier 1].

  2. What are the keys in your HTML templates?

    1. There is a file employee.component.html and it uses keys:


      but in no file so I see the use of myApp.employee.updated - a key that I also added "TEST TEST" to.

  3. Which version of JHipster?

    1. jhipsterVersion "6.7.1"
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    Does it work when you restart webpack dev server npm start? What are the keys in your HTML templates? Which version of JHipster? – Gaël Marziou Nov 2 at 13:44
  • @GaëlMarziou I added extra data, but not sure what you meant by "keys in your HTML templates"? Is that an entity specific HTML file? – Robert Mark Bram Nov 3 at 1:54
  • i18n keys that you use in your template within jhiTranslate directive like in jhiTranslate="home.title". In short, please show an extract of your template where you use the failing message. Maybe this does occur only in alert messages? – Gaël Marziou Nov 3 at 9:37
  • Ok, found those - but I don't see myApp.employee.updated anywhere - the key that I would expect to be used for the message when I update one of these entities. – Robert Mark Bram Nov 3 at 10:04

Found the reason. In EmployeeResource, the updateEmployee was calling a version of createEntityUpdateAlert that just sends a message, not a key.

return ResponseEntity.ok()
    .headers(HeaderUtil.createEntityUpdateAlert(ENTITY_NAME, employee.getId().toString()))

Obviously, client side only expected a key and threw an error..

I need to change that to the version that sends a key.

return ResponseEntity.ok()
    .headers(HeaderUtil.createEntityUpdateAlert(applicationName, true, ENTITY_NAME, employee.getId().toString()))
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