I want to add a picture under each question. I am using Android studio.

String questions[] = {
    "Which method can be defined only once in a program?",
    "Which of these is not a bitwise operator?",
    "Which keyword is used by method to refer to the object that invoked it?"};
String answers[] = {"main method","<=","this"};
String opt[] = {
    "finalize method","main method","static method","private method",

Can anyone please help?

  • Where can the user read/see those questions?
    – blackapps
    Nov 2, 2020 at 14:46

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you can use Picasso to achieve that. Follow the setup instructions, then just add and edit this line:


imageView is your ImageView in your xml layout file.


I assume that your questions are output in TextView. in this case, you can get the text from TextView (tv1.getText().toString), and then compare the resulting value with each array element in the loop (tv1.getText.toString.equals(questions[n])), so you can set your own image for each text.


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