Im very new to grails (1.3.7) so please be patient :-)

I have a gsp where I have various checkboxes. A user can click on them and then send his answer to a controller. The controller is receiving this request correctly.

My problem is, that, for working with what the user chose, I have to check every parameter - to see if this checkbox was really checked. Thats really cumbersome and doesnt work very well, because the page displaying the checkboxes is dynamic - so the checkboxes which can be clicked are dynamic too. In my controller I dont know for which params I have to check then.

Is there any possibility to receive a list of all checkboxes (or better: all checked checkboxes) in my controller? I researched but didnt find an answer!

Thanks for answering! :-)


Thank you,


is very simple and works :-) It just gives back the checked ones


It must be passed as an extra request parameter (it's a limitation of http). You can add following field into your form, for example:

<input type="hidden" name="checkboxes" value="${myCheckboxesNames.join(',')}"/>

or making same using JavaScript, as it names are dynamic on client side.

BTW, you can also check all request parameters, by

params.each { name, value ->
// so something

so if you are using some special prefix/suffix for this checkbox names, it would be:

params.entrySet().findAll {
}.each {
   println "Checkbox $it.key = $it.value"

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