I have a created simple like system with Laravel framework

Here's my table schema look like:

Schema::create('likes', function (Blueprint $table) {

My Eloquent relationship is simple:

Auth::user()->likes()->create(['post_id' => 'xxx']);

It's working as I want it to be

And In like page, I can show all posts that user xxx likes

@foreach ($user->likes as $post)

Pretty much simple

And now in home page, I want to show random posts

So I code this way:

$posts = Post::inRandomOrder()->get();

@foreach ($posts as post)
    // In each of these random post, check if user already like the post or not
    // If they do, show a button to delete the like
    // Else show button to like the post

In each of those random post, I want to know if current login user already like the post or not

So how to achieve this?

Sorry for bad english

Thanks in advance


To avoid multiple queries, you could use an array of post ID's and check the existence of the random posts in that array:

$userPostLikes = $user->likes->pluck('post_id');

$posts = Post::inRandomOrder()->get();

@foreach ($posts as post)

  @if(in_array($post->id, $userPostLikes)) 
     user likes post
     user doesn't likes post

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    Hello sir Repox, thank your for your answer, its working like I wanted, but the first time I tried it out, $likedPost return collection, so after reading few sites, I have to put toArray() so in_array() can work, and again, thank you sir Repox – Christian Delvianto Nov 4 '20 at 13:10

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