I've use Fira Code for a while and i just got my new computer working, When installed Fira Code again into VSCODE, The font stuck on bold and i don't know how to get it working as usual. This is how it the setting.json looks

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    use a different theme, maybe Aurora has these strings set on bold
    – rioV8
    Nov 6 '20 at 2:01
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    Installing only the 'normal' or 'regular' weight Fira Code did the trick for me as suggested by @Niko. Jan 30 at 17:56

For those that are stuck on this problem in the future:

I needed to re-install the font with the variable font weight (first install the static and then the variable font). You can find those on Google fonts.

After that the font was normal in VS Code.

Hope it works!

  • Make sure that you remove the static versions.
    – theking2
    Oct 3 at 9:26
  • Simply reinstalling them works just fine. No need for removal @theking2
    – dan-koller
    2 days ago
  • Thanks for pointing that out @dan-koller
    – theking2
    18 hours ago

The accepted answer did not work for me, I uninstalled the boldface font but then VS Code stuck on the light face font, so I uninstalled that also, only then it worked as intended.


You can fix that by installing FiraCode using chocolatey

choco install firacode 

then restart VS Code afterward.


Don't forget to also install this file after installing those in static folder.

file name

As for font family setting:

"editor.fontFamily": "'Fira Code', monospace"

Try to put Fira Code in single quotes:

"editor.fontFamily": "'Fira Code', sans-serif",

For those that land here in the future...

Restarting VSCode should do the trick. That's what worked for me.

For Reference:

I am on Windows 10

My settings.json:

"editor.fontFamily": "Fira Code, monospace"


This is what I was experiencing. You can download Fira Code on Google Fonts (https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Fira+Code). Then, install each of the font weights and go to settings.json. (File > Preferences > Settings > Search "Font" > Click on edit on settings.json under Editor: Font Ligatures)

Then, you can specify the font weight in the name like this:

"editor.fontFamily": "Fira Code Medium, 'Courier New', monospace",
"editor.fontLigatures": true

Make sure to save the change and reopen VSCode. You should see the change.

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