I am using resolver() as an alternative to socket() as I found that when multiple connections are made to different IPs it ends up stopping working. Anyway it returns a warning to me that I should use dns.resolver.Resolver.resolve () When changing it, it gives me an error:

TypeError: resolve() missing 2 required positional arguments: 'self' and 'qname'

This is the code:

        # my_resolver = dns.resolver.Resolver()
        my_resolver = dns.resolver.Resolver.resolve()
        answers = my_resolver.query(host, "A")
        answer_txt = my_resolver.query(host, "TXT")

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faced the same problem

You should remove .resolve from my_resolver = dns.resolver.Resolver.resolve() and replace my_resolver.query() with my_resolver.resolve()


    my_resolver = dns.resolver.Resolver()
    answers = my_resolver.resolve(host, "A")
    answer_txt = my_resolver.resolve(host, "TXT")
  • I hope #pymongo will fix it soon .../pymongo/srv_resolver.py:57: DeprecationWarning: please use dns.resolver.resolve() instead results = resolver.query(self.__fqdn, 'TXT',
    – Meir Gabay
    Dec 24, 2020 at 22:40

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