=COUNTIFS((Tab1!C2:Tab1!C250),"*sam*") & ((Tab1!B2:Tab1!B250), ">1-Nov-2020")

In the above formula, I'm trying to get the count of 'person names whose name is sam and the value which is past 1-Nov-2020.
While trying to fetch the count using the above formula, it is showing Formula parse error.

Please analyze and tell where might I went wrong.

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You need to correct your syntax to:

=COUNTIFS('Tab1'!C2:C9,"sam", 'Tab1'!B2:B9,">1-Nov-2020")

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Please read more on how the COUNTIFS function work.

EDIT (following OP's comment)

The correct syntax would be
COUNTIFS(criteria_range1, criterion1, [criteria_range2, …], [criterion2, …]) meaning:

=COUNTIFS('Tab1'!C2:C9,"sam", 'Tab1'!B2:B9,">1-Nov-2020", 'Tab1'!B2:B9,">=1-11-2020")


Since you refer to dates 1-Nov-2020 is the same as 1-11-2020.
So you only need

=COUNTIFS('Tab1'!C2:C9,"sam", 'Tab1'!B2:B9,">=1-11-2020")


=COUNTIFS('Tab1'!C2:C9,"sam", 'Tab1'!B2:B9,">=1-Nov-2020")
  • That's cool. If I want to add one more condition with the date that is like, " =COUNTIFS('Tab1'!C2:C9,"sam", 'Tab1'!B2:B9,">1-Nov-2020" or ">=1-11-2020") " will it work? Or what is the correct syntax to add OR condition here?
    – naveen12__
    Nov 7, 2020 at 7:26
  • You are almost there. Please see my updated answer. If still in need please let us know. Nov 7, 2020 at 7:31

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