This is the dart class:

class CategoriesContent {
  final String category;
  final String image;
  final int categoryNumber;

  CategoriesContent({this.category, this.image, this.categoryNumber});

How to remove elements in

List<CategoriesContent> categoryList;

Such that no elements with same category number remain.

.toSet().toList() doesn't work.

Example addition

    image: x["img"][0],
    category: x["category"],
    categoryNumber: ii));
  • You need to show more of the code you have tried and examples of your data.
    – GrahamD
    Nov 8, 2020 at 20:00
  • Agreed, please illustrate the ProductList model.
    – dotmp3
    Nov 8, 2020 at 20:01
  • Added example.. Nov 8, 2020 at 20:07

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So you save the ids separately and call toSet() to make unique then you loop through your list and keep only those

final categoryNumbers = categoryList.map((e) => e.categoryNumber).toSet();
categoryList.retainWhere((x) => categoryNumbers.remove(x.categoryNumber));

if you want to remove an element in a list you can use removeWhere function i putted List<CategoriesContent> categoryList; in a Hypothetical class ,but you should find its class and instantiate that class this is the class that contains the categoryList

class Name {
  List<CategoriesContent> categoryList; 

you should instantiate the class in where you want to use it

var name = Name();

then where ever you want to remove that element you can use removewhere function i putted it in a onPressed function so whenever user clicks on the button that element would be removed , you can use it in initstate or wherever you suppose

 onPressed: (){
        name.categoryList.removeWhere((element) => element.category == '1');

i putted string 1 by default but you should put what you want to remove for example if you want to remove mobile category you should say

element.category == 'mobile'

and if you want to remove where elements are wuth same parameter you should say

for (var item in name.categoryList) {
          name.categoryList.removeWhere((element) => element == item);


name.categoryList.removeWhere((element) => element.category == element.category);

i'm not sure about the second one

tell me the result

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