I am wanting to make use of the SoundCloud API so a user can search for an artist and then click their tracks to get an embed code.

I am using the SDK and the embed function works fine as follows:

        client_id: 'XXXXXXX'

    var track_url = 'https://soundcloud.com/forss/flickermood';
    SC.oEmbed(track_url, { auto_play: true }).then(function(oEmbed) {
    console.log('oEmbed response: ', oEmbed);

But when I use the search endpoint I get 403.

  SC.get('/tracks', {
      q: 'buskers', license: 'cc-by-sa'
    }).then(function(tracks) {

I noticed that SoundCloud uses a v2 api for the search on their site - is this documented anywhere?

I haven't been able to register an app and I have seen it's been closed for a while - I'm wondering what I need to do to get past this 403 and if it's because my client_id which I grabbed from my browser.

Any insight would be great - the API looks fairly extensive but void if I can't use it.

  • HTTP 403 error means access is forbidden. You need to get access token to get access to endpoint – John McLane Nov 9 at 12:44
  • Heres a docs for soundcloud. – John McLane Nov 9 at 12:51
  • @JohnMcLane I'm passing my client_id - there isn't anywhere in the docs saying about an access token it just says client_id or access token. 403 is "You don't have access to whatever it is you're asking for." so surely its locked down? – Aidan Daniel Nov 9 at 13:28

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