Forgetting about console support (I got that sorted) I have not been able to print to screen an emoji. I know utf encoding can be forced with pragma Wide_Character_Encoding(UTF8); but even with that emojis (and other utf-8 characters) show like gibberish. This is my code:

WITH Ada.Wide_Wide_Text_IO;
pragma Wide_Character_Encoding (UTF8);

procedure something IS
  Party: Wide_Wide_Character := '🎉';
end something;

The result is 🎉 which does really not look like an emoji to me. How can you display emojis (an other non-ASCII characters) in Ada?

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    Possibly related : stackoverflow.com/questions/28486505/… In short, there is an optional "Form" parameter to input and output files (and Standard_Output is treated as a file) describing how to interpret character sets. Documentation link in that answer. I don't offhand know how you change the Form parameter on Standard_Output or if there is something you have to tell the console before running the executable instead. – Brian Drummond Nov 9 at 13:05
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    Works fine in Terminal on a Mac! (not so great in Emacs) – Simon Wright Nov 9 at 13:16
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    Ditto, works fine in Debian 10, Gnome Terminal (whose Character Encoding is currently set to Unicode-UTF8). Please add OS/version/terminal to question if you need further help. – Brian Drummond Nov 9 at 13:34
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    @BrianDrummond Using the new Windows Terminal (1.3.2651.0) in Windows 10 which technically supports emojis. Seeing your responses I used WSL to test it (in the same Terminal) on Ubuntu and I saw that the emojis (and others characters like Á) display correctly there, seems that it is more a problem with Windows rather than with Ada, Terminal or GNAT. Thanks anyway :) – Markel Nov 10 at 10:55
  • Works fine in GNOME Terminal on a Linux! – Maxim Reznik Nov 10 at 13:12

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