We display long strings (paths) to be selected with selectInput(). We have the problem that the paths are too long to be shown entirely (see screenshot).

enter image description here

While we were able to force a word wrap in the selectize-dropdown element using the following code:

          selectInput(inputId = "relativepath",
                      label = "resource relativepath:",
                      choices = res$relativepath,
                      multiple = resourcemultiple),
          actionButton("load", "load selected data resource", icon("upload")),
          tags$style(    type = 'text/css',
                         ".selectize-input { word-wrap : break-word;}
                         .selectize-dropdown {word-wrap : break-word;} "

, a solution based on this stack overflow question: Prevent selectInput from wrapping text,

the word-wrap : break-words css declaration, does not work for the already selected strings/paths (in the selectize-input), but it would be important that it does. How to achieve it?

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