I have coded mini_batch creator for miniBatchGradientDescent

The code is here:

# function to create a list containing mini-batches 
def create_mini_batches(X,y, batch_size): 
    print(X.shape, y.shape) # gives (280, 34) (280,)
    batchCount=X.shape[0] // batch_size #using floor division for getting indexes integer form 
    for i in range(batchCount):
            splitData.append(X[(i) * batch_size : (i+1) * batch_size, :])
            splitDataResults.append(y[(i) * batch_size : (i+1) * batch_size, :]) # GIVES ERROR
    return splitData, splitDataResults, batchCount

the error says:

splitDataResults.append(y[(i) * batch_size : (i+1) * batch_size, :])
IndexError: too many indices for array: array is 1-dimensional, but 2 were indexed

I am sure that the shape is correct but it gives me an error. What is wrong?

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try reshaping y:

print(X.shape, y.shape) # gives (280, 34) (280,)
y = y.reshape(-1, 1)

this should fix your problem, since y will become 2 dimentional

  • Yeah, thanks. That solved my problem. Can you explain why this solved?
    – Leo S
    Nov 9, 2020 at 21:18
  • 3
    y shape was (280,) this is a 1D NumPy array, so you can't really use [ i , j ] to index as you did in the line that raised the exception, you tried to index into two dimension of a 1D array. after doing the reshape, it becomes (280, 1) so it is a 2D array and your indexing works as expected
    Nov 9, 2020 at 21:23

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