I tried in vain to mock a top-level (not part of any section) configuration value (.NET Core's IConfiguration). For example, neither of these will work (using NSubstitute, but it would be the same with Moq or any mock package I believe):

var config = Substitute.For<IConfiguration>();
config.GetValue<string>("TopLevelKey").Should().Be("TopLevelValue"); // nope
// non generic overload
config.GetValue(typeof(string), Arg.Any<string>()).Returns("TopLevelValue");
config.GetValue(typeof(string), "TopLevelKey").Should().Be("TopLevelValue"); // nope

In my case, I also need to call GetSection from this same config instance.


You can use an actual Configuration instance with in-memory data.

var inMemorySettings = new Dictionary<string, string> {
    {"TopLevelKey", "TopLevelValue"},
    {"SectionName:SomeKey", "SectionValue"},
    //...populate as needed for the test

IConfiguration configuration = new ConfigurationBuilder()


Now it is a matter of using the configuration as desired to exercise the test


string value = configuration.GetValue<string>("TopLevelKey");

string sectionValue = configuration.GetSection("SectionName").GetValue<string>("SomeKey");


Reference: Memory Configuration Provider

  • Perfect - worked great for me thanks – Rob C Jan 29 at 12:19

You can Mock GetSection and return your Own IConfigurationSection.

This includes two steps.

1). Create a mock for IConfigurationSection (mockSection) & Setup .Value Property to return your desired config value.

2). Mock .GetSection on Mock<IConfiguration>, and return the above mockSection.Object

Mock<IConfigurationSection> mockSection = new Mock<IConfigurationSection>();

Mock<IConfiguration> mockConfig = new Mock<IConfiguration>();

.GetValue() internally makes use of GetSection().

  • I tried to set values for two keys in IConfiguration using two different mockSection objects. Still the value of the first key was overridden by the second value and the value of other key was 0. How to solve this problem? – Tejashree Mar 19 at 14:09
  • Make sure you use the right expression in k=>k=="configkey" istead of .it.isany. – Shekar Reddy Mar 19 at 14:12
  • That's how I wrote: mockConfig.Setup(x => x.SetSection(It.Is<string>(k => k == "Key1"))).Returns(mocksection1.object); mockConfig.Setup(x => x.SetSection(It.Is<string>(k => k == "Key2"))).Returns(mocksection2.object); – Tejashree Mar 19 at 15:01
  • SetSection or GetSection? – Shekar Reddy Mar 19 at 15:30

IConfiguration.GetSection<T> must be mocked indirectly. I don't fully understand why because NSubstitute, if I understand correctly, creates its own implementation of an interface you're mocking on the fly (in memory assembly). But this seems to be the only way it can be done. Including a top-level section along with a regular section.

var config = Substitute.For<IConfiguration>();
var configSection = Substitute.For<IConfigurationSection>();
var configSubSection = Substitute.For<IConfigurationSection>();

var topLevelSection = Substitute.For<IConfigurationSection>();
config.GetSection(Arg.Is<string>(key => key != "TopLevelSectionName")).Returns(topLevelSection);

// GetValue mocked indirectly.

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