I am aware that a similar question has been posted in the context of Python: How to install specific versions of H2O

However, I need to find the relevant link for the R releases. I am currently trying to use an h2o model which I doesn't work because of conflicting releases. How can I get a previous version of h2o, namely


The simplest method is to use the provided install_version() function of the devtools package to install the version you need. For instance:

install_version("h2o", version = "", repos = "http://cran.us.r-project.org")
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    Caveat: This only works for versions that were released to CRAN. Not all H2O versions are released to CRAN (major versions are, but not all minor versions are). – Erin LeDell Nov 12 at 18:30
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    That's a very easy fix, thanks! – xxx333xxx Nov 18 at 16:32

I'll reframe the answer I wrote for Python, for R. It's the same process:

The Changes.md file is the easiest place to look for links to where you can download every version. Just search for the version you want (e.g. "") and you will see the URL there.

Click on the link and it will bring you to the download page for that version (e.g. and you can click on the "Install in R" tab which will show some code like this that you can copy/paste into your terminal:

# The following two commands remove any previously installed H2O packages for R.
if ("package:h2o" %in% search()) { detach("package:h2o", unload = TRUE) }
if ("h2o" %in% rownames(installed.packages())) { remove.packages("h2o") }

# Now we download, install and initialize the H2O package for R.
install.packages("h2o", type = "source", repos = "http://h2o-release.s3.amazonaws.com/h2o/rel-zahradnik/1/R")

The URLs are "predictable" but you have to know the name of the release as well as the version number to correctly guess the URL.

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  • Thank you! I found that amazonaws link but on first glance thought it wasn't useful due to it not having a version number for the release. Turns out for the R packages they don't give the release number but the working name. – xxx333xxx Nov 18 at 16:32
  • Yeah it's a bit confusing with the version number and version name, so the only way to get all the info is to look in Changes.md. – Erin LeDell Nov 18 at 22:45

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