I am looking to pass context around to other react components but not allow them to actually adjust the value.

My best guess would be to provide a function that retrieves value in a getter like way. Although the user could still adjust the function they would be unable to modify the actual value of the item.

  • It's read only by default, any modification made by any child won't change its parents copy
    – Joshua
    Nov 13, 2020 at 10:15

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Yes you can make a read-only context, through a read-only provider.

For example (my data is a list of farmers):

const FarmersContext = React.createContext();

function FarmersProvider({ children }) {
    const [farmers, setFarmers] = React.useState(null);

    return (
        <FarmersContext.Provider value={farmers}>
            <FarmerFetcher setFarmers={setFarmers} />

Children of FarmersProvider can access data this way:

const farmers = React.useContext(FarmersContext)

They can only access farmers, not setFarmers, so this data is read-only.

On the other hand, FarmerFetcher can access setFarmers through its props, because someone has to fetch the data at some point. But this could be done within FarmersProvider if you prefer.

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