I want to create a Log Sink to listen to a specific message in Stack Driver and push the event to a Cloud Pub/Sub, which will trigger a Cloud Function.

Here is a part of my Terraform template.

resource "google_pubsub_topic" "dataflow_events" {
  name = join("-", concat(["dataflow-events", var.environment, terraform.workspace]))

resource "google_logging_project_sink" "dataflow_job_completion_sink" {
  name = join("-", concat(["dataflow-job-completion-sink", var.environment, terraform.workspace]))
  destination = "pubsub.googleapis.com/projects/${var.project}/topics/${google_pubsub_topic.dataflow_events.name}"
  filter = "resource.type=dataflow_step AND textPayload=\"Worker pool stopped.\""

Terraform version = 0.13.3

This gets deployed without any errors. However, no events are pushed to the Pub/Sub topic.

However, when I create the sink manually (from the Cloud Web Console), it pushes messages to the (same) Pub/Sub topic.

Here are two screenshots of two sinks.

enter image description here enter image description here

Note: Changing unique_writer_identity parameter (either true or false) on both of them doesn't change its behavior. We used unique_writer_identity as true when we created the manual sink and that's why it has a global service account. But setting this to true in Terraform doesn't push messages to Pub/Sub.

Your expertise is highly appreciated.


Let me answer my own question here. Thanks, @milindu-sanoj-kumarage for the tip.

When we create the Log Sink, it gives a service account that is bound to it.

If you have marked unique_writer_identity as true, it will look like [GENERATED_ID_1]@[GENERATED_ID_2].iam.gserviceaccount.com and it will be serviceAccount:cloud-logs@system.gserviceaccount.com if it's set to false.

These are global (reside outside your projects) SAs if you haven't already added to your project.

You need to add (derrive) this service account into your GCP project and give permission to write to the destination.

  • Go to IAM in the IAM & Admin section --> click on Add button.
  • In the New members textbox, type cloud-logs@system.gserviceaccount.com.
  • Select the Roles you need to add. It was Pub/Sub > Pub/Sub Publisher in this case.
  • Add a condition to allow only a given Pub/Sub (optional)
  • Click on Save

Now, the sink has permission to push events to Pub/Sub. So, whenever it gets out filter text on the logs, it will push it to the given Pub/Sub topic.

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