I am working on VSCode 1.51 (at this point in time the most recent version), and while running terraform plan .. from the integrated PowerShell (5.1 on this workstation) I noticed that if I was redirecting the output to a text file, either via the operator (.. > .\a.txt) or via the Tee-Object (.. | Tee-Object -FilePath .\a.txt) the produced output file was mangled by ASCII escape sequences; specifically by Control Sequence Introducer (CSI) sequences, such as ESC[1m. In the output files I have seen so far I observed only the following 6 sequences:

- ESC[0m
- ESC[1m
- ESC[4m
- ESC[31m
- ESC[32m
- ESC[33m

I am using Notepad++ 7.8.7 to read the files, how do I replace the above sequences with a single space character (' ')?


Obviously, if it could be possible to remove the ASCII escape sequences from the terraform plan output it would be even better.


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As per the documentation of Notepad++ 7.8.7:

Notepad++ regular expressions use the Boost regular expression library v1.70, which is based on PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expression) syntax, only departing from it in very minor ways.

I replaced the escape sequences directly in Notepad++, using the following regular expression to find the strings to replace:


and replacing them with a single space character (' ' without the quotes inside the Replace with: field on the Notepad++ Replace dialog). In details:

  • \e matches the escape character,
  • \[ matches the opening square bracket,
  • \e\[ matches therefore the Control Sequence Introducer ("ESC ["),
  • (.*?)m matches any string until the first occurrence of the character 'm'.

This is not a direct answer to your question as you asked it, but I just wanted to note that terraform plan has a -no-color option which will disable the control codes and just emit plain text at the source, avoiding the need to strip the codes out later.

  • Thank you @martin-atkins, that's a great suggestion, I may leverage that parameter when I need to investigate the terraform plan output on a text file.
    – aledeniz
    Commented Nov 15, 2020 at 11:42
  • I have marked this as the best answer. I have updated the question, to state that removing the root cause would be a more desirable outcome.
    – aledeniz
    Commented Nov 15, 2020 at 11:47

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