When I try to play an .mp4 video file using the TMediaPlayer FMX control in C++Builder, it reports an error:

unsupported media file

So, I tried to register an MP4 codec in FMX's Media Codec Manager using the below code:

TMediaCodecManager::RegisterMediaCodecClass(".mp4", "mp4", TMediaType::Video, TWindowsMediaCodec);

But it also reporte an error:

TWindowsMediaCodec is undefined symbol

How do I register a new codec in FMX's Media Player in C++Builder?

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  • Do you have #include <FMX.Media.Win.hpp> in your code? As long as your project links to the FMX.Media unit, that will link to the FMX.Media.Win unit for you when compiling for Windows, and the FMX.Media.Win unit already registers TWindowsMediaCodec for several formats, including MP4. – Remy Lebeau Nov 16 at 20:13
  • Thanks, Remy. Did you mean I don't need to register new codec by myself? But it reports Undefined symbol IDirectShowStream in file Winapi.DirectShow9.hpp. – Cruise Hung Nov 16 at 23:34
  • "Did you mean I don't need to register new codec by myself?" - yes, it should already be automatic. "But it reports Undefined symbol IDirectShowStream in file Winapi.DirectShow9.hpp" - that is a separate issue. On Windows, the media player uses the DirectShow API, and there is no IDirectShowStream in that API (that I can find). Where are you seeing IDirectShowStream being used? – Remy Lebeau Nov 16 at 23:45
  • I didn't use IDirectShowStream directly. I just have a basic TMediaPlayer and that's it. Should I just update the Windows SDK? – Cruise Hung Nov 18 at 23:47

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