I am trying to use Tailwind CSS in an Next.js project but I cant't use my Tailwind classes with Next.js Image component.

Here's my code:

    alt="Picture of the author"
    className="bg-mint text-mint fill-current"

I want to use Tailwind classes instead of the height and width property of the Next.js Image. But I can't because it throws me an error. Also, unsized property throws another error saying it's deprecated. Is there any solution?

Here is the error if I don't use the height and width property. enter image description here

When I use the layout='fill' property it shows only one picture. And if I use the unsized property, then the following error is shown.

enter image description here

  • Share with us the error output. – Juan Marco Nov 15 '20 at 16:33
  • @JuanMarco updated... – Pranta Nov 16 '20 at 5:11

There’s a discussion and related example over at the Next.js GitHub project. It sounds like that example achieves what you want to do. tl;dr:

<div className="h-64 w-96 relative"> // "relative" is required; adjust sizes to your liking
    alt="Picture of the author"
    layout="fill" // required
    objectFit="cover" // change to suit your needs
    className="rounded-full" // just an example

The image will preserve its original aspect ratio and fill / cover (or whatever object-fit you chose) the size of the outer div, which you can set using Tailwind classes. Other styles, like rounded corner, can be applied to the Image.

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    Is there a way to determine the height by the content in it instead of the height of the image? – thiras Jan 31 at 19:32

You can use a div container and apply a class to it.

<div className="bg-mint text-mint fill-current">
        alt="Picture of the author"

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