I was trying to use a function from a library. The function I am trying to use is calling erlang:halt() internally. So it will stop the VM and my program also exits. Is there anyway I can call the this function without exiting my program?

Here is the function trying to call, its from erlscp. The problem I am facing is nothing executes after this call. I am wondering modifying this library is the only way?

-spec compile_cmdline([cmd_line_arg()]) -> no_return().

compile_cmdline(List) ->
    case compile(List) of
    ok -> my_halt(0);
    error -> my_halt(1);
    _ -> my_halt(2)

-spec my_halt(_) -> no_return().
my_halt(Reason) ->
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    The code has been clearly written to only work as a command line tool. You could modify it to export the compile/1 function, and submit a PR to the author to make this an official change. – RichardC Nov 17 at 8:45
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    Thanks @RichardC. I made changes to export the compile/1 function and submitted the PR. It got accepted. – vrnithinkumar Nov 18 at 18:17

Modifying the library is the only way.

You can sometimes use the meck library or similar tricks to replace a module or individual functions in a module, but that doesn't work for the erlang module which is tightly bound to the language itself.

You could try mocking the my_halt function instead, but that wouldn't have any effect in this case, since compile_cmdline makes a local call to my_halt, using my_halt(0) instead of erl_compile2:my_halt(0). Only module-qualified calls to exported functions can be mocked using meck.

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  • They might try mocking erl_compile2:my_halt/1, tho. But it's a private function, so I'm not sure if that will work. – Brujo Benavides Nov 16 at 12:31
  • Yes, since compile_cmdline makes a local call to my_halt, it will always get the local function definition, regardless of whether it has been mocked. – legoscia Nov 16 at 13:20

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