I'm trying to integrate fb sdk into my project, I do everything according to the official documentation. after I failed, I decided to watch the video on integration and read the forums, I found several questions with the same error, but they were left unanswered.

All in all my problem looks like this:
Logs:enter image description here Services (after integrating the SDK with the services tab, something strange happened):enter image description here
The same situation with project settings:enter image description here

Before that I integrated AdMob, In-APP, AppMetrica and Vibration. Ask your questions, I will be glad to supplement the question and I will be glad for any help! Thanks


I solved this problem, in short, when integrating, there was no need to import PlayServicesResolver folder enter image description here
After import, a window should have appeared that would have deleted this folder, but I did not have such a window
There were a few more errors, but they will not occur if you do not import this folder. I logged into my fb account and now all submissions come

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