myDict = {'DISPLAY': [0.12, 0.0], 'BATTERY': [0.5, 0.0]}

I want to check all values in each list and see the largest one. In this case, it is 0.5 which corresponds to the key "BATTERY" so I want to return "BATTERY". How can I do this? I would prefer not to iterate through everything again/make a new dict since I am already doing this in the previous steps of my code.

result = max(myDict, key=myDict.get)

wouldn't work properly in this case since the values are a list. For example, it doesn't work in this case when the largest value is not on the 0th index position of a list value.

{'DISPLAY': [0.16], 'BATTERY': [0.0, 0.77]}

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max(myDict, key=lambda x: max(myDict[x]))
max([x for l in myDict.values() for x in l])

The list comprehension "flattens" the list of lists (myDict.values returns a list of lists). max finds the highest value.

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