In the Geany IDE, how can I find all lines in a .css file starting with -moz-border-radius using regex and delete the entire line without leaving a blank line?


The following works in Geany 1.36 on Debian Linux...

In the Search and Replace dialog...

  • Check Use regular expressions

  • Check Use multi-line matching

  • Enter the following in the Search for field...


  • Leave the Replace with field empty.

Regular Expression Explanation

  • ^ Start at beginning of line
  • \s* Zero or more whitespaces
  • -moz-border-radius The text to search for
  • .* Zero or more of any characters
  • $ End of the line
  • \n Include the newline. This is the non-standard part. Apparently Geany recognizes the newline escape sequence following a regular-expression End-Of-Line($).
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