In a previous post I was able to successfully use filepath metadata from an OPENROWSET command in SQL On-Demand to create a partitioning scheme within a view. Link.

I am looking to replicate this in a normal Azure SQL Database view. When I try to run the same command I get an error stating

Cannot find either column "r" or the user-defined function or aggregate "r.filepath", or the name is ambiguous.

This is what I am running in SSMS for my Azure SQL database instance.

CREATE VIEW testview6 AS
SELECT *, r.filepath(1) as [date]
        BULK 'Sales/2020-10-01/Iris_Shortened.csv',
        DATA_SOURCE = 'azure_blob_sas5',
        ) AS [r];

I am not sure of what I am doing wrong. My goal is to create a partitioning scheme so that filepath metadata can be used for parsing what is needed. Is this something that is only available with SQL On-Demand?


Currently yes. This is a great idea, can you create a feature request for Azure SQL database here?

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