I am building an app for a video conferencing platform. The app needs to receive the video/audio stream of the meeting running on the video conferencing platform, run some analytics on the audio of the stream and save the original stream in, let's say, Glacier for compliance/regulatory requirements. The video conferencing platform only supports pushing the media using RTMP to the URL of the RTMP server that our app will provide.

My broader question is, what AWS Services can I use to build this app to allow streaming the conference stream as RTMP push from the video conference provider and run my real-time analytics on the stream.

I did some research and I think I can use Kinesis Video streams - but I am not sure if KVS supports pushing to it using RTMP protocol. I also looked at AWS MediaLive solution here: https://aws.amazon.com/solutions/implementations/live-streaming-on-aws/ but I am not sure how I can run live analytics on the stream using MediaLive solution.

I have used a lot of AWS Services, but I am fairly new to Streaming services. Any advice to get started will be much appreciated.


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