I have a document that has some IDs (not objectID) that are numbers. There are also times when no parentId will be passed to the function. Currently I have

return ExampleModel.find({
  $or: [
      parentId: new RegExp(exampleDtoSearch.parentId.toString()),
    { /*other things to search*/ } 

The error I am getting if I hand in a parentId is " AssertionError: The expression evaluated to a falsy value. "

And the error I get if there is no id is that it can't do toString on undefined.

How do I do a regex (or something similar) to do partial matches for numbers in mongodb/mongoose?

  • What does mongoose have to do with this? – D. SM Nov 18 '20 at 18:49
  • I know that some times mongoose will implement things differently than plain mongodb, so I wanted to provide that context. – Morgan Smith Nov 18 '20 at 19:03

Use $convert.

MongoDB Enterprise > db.foo.insert({a:111})
WriteResult({ "nInserted" : 1 })

MongoDB Enterprise > db.foo.aggregate([{$addFields:{a_s:{$convert:{input:'$a',to:'string'}}}},{$match:{a_s:/1/}}])
{ "_id" : ObjectId("5fb571b0886cb08b7890f27f"), "a" : 111, "a_s" : "111" }
  • can you explain this? or how i would use this with a variable? – Morgan Smith Nov 18 '20 at 19:45
  • Read the documentation for all operators involved, if something is not clea'r ask specific questions. If you are asking how to use javascript variables, create a new question for that. – D. SM Nov 19 '20 at 6:23
  • I'm asking how I would use this with a parameter instead of a hard coded value and I'm asking how to do this in JS, not using the mongo command line. Thanks! – Morgan Smith Nov 30 '20 at 16:09

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