I'm trying to get Facebook page access_token to use in my automated Microsoft Flow. I follow simple steps as outlined in this blog post using GET query {page name}?fields=access_token but I keep getting the following error:

Error details: 'The API operation 'ukaccesstoken' requires the property 'body' to be of type 'Object' but is of type 'String'.'

I have found only one mention of similar issue, but I didn't understand the solution as I am very new to this. Please help.

  • Nothing on the page you linked to takes about Facebook. It is about how to access Microsoft Graph API. Not Facebook Graph API. – WizKid Nov 18 at 22:58
  • You are right, my apologies. The right links below: medium.com/@fordosa90/… docs.microsoft.com/en-us/connectors/custom-connectors/…. I think I figured out what's wrong but still I am unable to fix it: I have 'fields' parameter which is of type 'String' but should be 'Object'; however, there is no 'Object' available in the drop down list of available types. Do you know how can I adjust the query so that it avoids this issue? – Agnieszka Nov 19 at 13:08

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