Is there any module in Erlang to find the BFS and parent-BFS sequence of a graph?

For example, 
for the Graph [[0,7,0,0,1],[7,0,6,0,5],[0,6,0,2,3],[0,0,2,0,4],[1,5,3,4,0]]:

So the result should be :

the BFS sequence is [1,5,2,3,4] for root 1 and parent-BFS sequence should be [0,1,5,5,1]

The data structure I am using is a list of lists to store the graph. And the result is also expected to be in a list(However, this is flexible)

I already have written the code for parent-BFS sequence as follows:


createlist(L,0) ->
createlist(L,Sz) ->
    List = lists:append(L,[0]),
createlistbool(L,0) ->
createlistbool(L,Sz) ->
    List = lists:append(L,[false]),

dense(_,_,0,Q,_) ->
dense(X,L,N,Q,Viz) ->
    Child = lists:nth(N,L),
    case ( Child =/= 0 ) of
        true -> 
               case ( lists:nth(N, Viz) == false ) of
                    true -> Qu = queue:in({N,X},Q);
                    false -> Qu = Q
        false -> Qu = Q

populate(_,_,Ans,_,0) ->
populate(Graph,Q,Ans,Viz,F) ->
    case ( queue:is_empty(Q) == false ) of
        true -> {X,Y} = queue:get(Q),
                Que = queue:drop(Q),
                case ( lists:nth(X,Viz) == false) of
                   true ->
                          Answer = lists:sublist(Ans,X-1) ++ [Y] ++ lists:nthtail(X,Ans),
                          Vizible = lists:sublist(Viz,X-1) ++ [true] ++ lists:nthtail(X,Viz);
                   false ->
                          Answer = Ans, Vizible = Viz
                Flag = F,

                C = lists:nth(X,Graph),
                Qu = dense(X,C,length(Graph),Que,Vizible);
        false -> 
                Answer = Ans, Vizible = Viz, Flag = 0, Qu = Q
bfs(Graph,Node,Ans,Viz) ->
    Q = queue:new(),
    Qu = queue:in({Node,0},Q),
    Answer = populate(Graph,Qu,Ans,Viz,1),
main() ->
  % your code goes here
  N = 5,
  Graph = [[0,7,0,0,1],[7,0,6,0,5],[0,6,0,2,3],[0,0,2,0,4],[1,5,3,4,0]],
  Viz = createlistbool([],N),
  Ans = createlist([],N),
  Root = 1,
  Answer = bfs(Graph,Root,Ans,Viz),

However, I am looking for if there exists any module that performs the same?

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    Your question does not comply to this forum's rule. You should explain what is your data structure, what you tried so far, where you are blocked. Please look at Stackoverflow Help Asking. Otherwise you may have a look at erlang-algorithms, its is quite old but it seems to implement BFS, and erlang algorithm documentation – Pascal Nov 20 at 7:23
  • Thanks, I will edit my question. I have already written a code for finding the necessary in Erlang, but I was looking if I can do this without a from-scratch code, and if there is a library which I can use directly. – Manika Sharma Nov 20 at 9:53

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