I have a simple gen_server which connects to a tcp port, when I run gen_server directly:

erl -noshell -s ttest start

it works fine, But when I run:

erl -noshell -s tt_sup start_link

the connection will be closed instantly, It will work if I unlink the supervisor:

erl -noshell -s tt_sup start_shell

How could I run my simple gen_tcp:connect (gen_server) with supervisor ?

Supervisor :

-export([init/1, start_link/0, start_shell/0]).

start_link() ->
    io:format("Supervisor started with PID~p~n", [self()]),
    {ok, Pid} = supervisor:start_link(tt_sup, []),
    io:format("Supervisor PID=~p~n", [Pid]),
    {ok, Pid}.

start_shell() ->
    io:format("Supervisor started with PID~p~n", [self()]),
    {ok, Pid} = supervisor:start_link(tt_sup, []),
    io:format("Supervisor PID=~p~n", [Pid]),
    {ok, Pid}.

init(_Args) ->
    SupFlags = #{strategy => one_for_one},
    Child = [#{id => ttest, start => {ttest, start, []},
               restart => permanent, shutdown => brutal_kill,
               type => worker, modules => [ttest]}],
    {ok, {SupFlags, Child}}.



start() ->

       io:format("gen_server start id is ~p~n",[self()]),
       {ok,Pid} = gen_server:start_link({local,ttest},ttest,[],[]),
       io:format("gen_server id is ~p~n",[Pid]),

init(_Args) ->
        io:format("init id is ~p~n",[self()]),
handle_call({tcp,Socket,Bin},_From,States) ->
handle_info({tcp,Socket,Bin},States) ->
        io:format("got info msg"),

handle_cast({send,Msg},States) ->

connect(I) ->
    io:format("connect id is ~p~n",[self()]),
    {ok,Socket} =gen_tcp:connect("localhost",6000,[binary,{active,true}]),

terminate(shutdown, State) ->

The process that runs the -s exits with normal when it has no more code to execute. The supervisor receives that signal and since it's from its parent, it exits (regardless of it being normal), as explained in gen_server:terminate/2 (supervisors are gen_servers with trap_exit active):

Even if the gen_server process is not part of a supervision tree, this function is called if it receives an 'EXIT' message from its parent. Reason is the same as in the 'EXIT' message.

I haven't tested your code, but if you add a process_flag(trap_exit, true) to your gen_server, you'll surely replicate this behaviour.

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  • yes if I add process_flag(trap_exit, true) to gen_server init, It will be the same, how should I start the supervisor? – Geo-7 Nov 19 at 11:23
  • 1
    @Geo-7 If you want to create a production-grade project with a proper OTP supervision tree, you should create an application and a release with it, check learnyousomeerlang.com/… and learnyousomeerlang.com/release-is-the-word (learnyousomeerlang is a superb reference). If you want to have it running ASAP, just add an timer:sleep(infinity) before tt_sup:start_link returns – José M Nov 19 at 11:55

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