I'm trying to download a registered ML-model from a specific workspace to a remote agent. I succeed in connecting to the workspace using a "Service Principal" and I can find the model and print its specifications. However, when I try to download it och get its path, I get the error:

"Failed to download file with error: This request is not authorized to perform this operation. ErrorCode: AuthorizationFailure"

Performing the same task on "host" (with single-sign in) works just fine. Could this have to do with the permissions given when setting up the agent with PAT?

Any input is appreciated.


You can try to create a new PAT with full access and then run the config.cmd again.

enter image description here

In addition, please check if you are running a firewall or a proxy on the bastion host. If you're running an agent in a secure network behind a firewall, make sure the agent can initiate communication with the URLs and IP addresses mentioned in below documents.


I found the solution to my problem. I needed to add the agents IP-address in the corresponding Storage Accounts Firewall exceptions (where the Workspace/model was stored). For others facing the same problem, this is valid for "Azure Hosted Agents" as well.

Added a task in the corresponding agent that ECHO:ed its own IP-address, which I then added to the firewall exceptions. Location of Firewall settings

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