I have a Notes V11.0.1 designer client and configured a widget that imports the latest OpenNTF Domino API (downloaded from OpenNTF website) through an update site.

The plug-in is loaded in the designer enter image description here

I created a new application and added the library to XSP Properties. Xpages Properties

But when I create a simple Java class and want to import org.openntf.domino.*, I get an error:

package test;
import org.openntf.domino.*;
public class Test {
    public static void test() {
       Session session = null;

Error: the import org.openntf cannot be resolved. Building the app does not solve the problem.

In the MANIFESST.MF I get the following error enter image description here

Any idea why this goes wrong?

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It's most likely that the default Target Platform in 9.0.1FP10 and newer (11.0.1 included) is broken: https://frostillic.us/blog/posts/2018/10/19/058650e080e352178525832b00519d2c


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