I'm working on Google map API. after i choose the start and end point the map return the routed way as a path on the google map, and i have track the lat/lng from the routed path as follows [ the coordinates below are the lat/long of a routed line]

13.692941, 100.750723,

i want to store all these lat/long in MySQL database. i found that there is Spatial extension in MySQL. and there is a way to insert lat/long as linestring

insert into geom (g)
values (GeomFromText('linestring(2 3,7 5,10 10)'))

i wanna know how to add all those above lat long into linestring function? or there is another suggestion?


You can store these lat/lon DATA like bellow -

$arr = array("13.692941, 100.750723",

// serialize data before save to database, you should deserialized that when you will use this data after query.
$serializedArr = serialize($arr);
insert into geom (g) values ("{$serializedArr}");

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