I get a weird error when running my React Native app:

Some sample code:

const { url } = <incoming object>;
const reURL   = <my regex>;

console.debug('url:', url);
console.debug('typeof url:', typeof url);

matches = [...url.matchAll(reURL)];

Log output:

url: <as expected>
typeof url: string

Error message:

TypeError: url.matchAll is not a function. (In 'url.matchAll(reURL)', 'url.matchAll' is undefined)

Everything works fine on iOS, the error only occurs on Android.

Pretty up to date environment, updated all npm packages a couple of days ago.

Does anyone have the slightest idea where to even begin searching for a solution ?


I have the same issue. String.matchAll does not work for Android. You should use match instead matchAll.


const regex = new RegExp(text, 'ig');
const arr = string.match(regex);

You will get an array match regex

  • string.match does not function the same way as matchAll at all. A match on multiple values simply returns an array of those values. matchAll returns an iterator whose values objects with the position of each match in the string and can also handle multiple capture groups which match also cannot. So yeah, match is not a replacement for matchAll which is much more useful. – Christopher Reid Dec 9 '20 at 22:38

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