I want to create a button that has a custom shape in Unity.

I created a default UI>Button object and set it's Image to the following sprite: enter image description here

It doesn't show it on this website, but the circle is the only part of this image that is transparent. It's a .png sprite.

When I set this as the sprite for my button, I could click on the entire rect transform of this sprite to activate the button using my button's OnPointerDown() method and un-hide some other sprites around it:

public override void OnPointerDown(PointerEventData eventData)

Each time any part of the sprite was clicked, transparent or not, "Foo" would print.

Now I set the button alphaHitTestMinimumThreshold to 0.5:

GetComponent<Button>().image.alphaHitTestMinimumThreshold = .5f;

And as the docs suggest, I disabled atlassing...

enter image description here

...and enabled read/write for the sprite:

enter image description here

Yet now, when I click the button in my scene.. nothing happens. No matter where I click, "Foo" doesn't print anymore.

Then I tried changing the alphaHitTestMinimumThreshold to a lot of different values. Again, the entire button was not clickable anymore. If I don't touch the alphaHitTestMinimumTreshold at all however, my "Foo" prints again.

Why does changing alphaHitTestMinimumTreshold to any value make my OnPointerDown method to never be called?


So after 12 hours of messing around with all sorts of options, I found out that there were 3+ consecutive issues causing this behaviour.

If you ever run into your transparent buttons not working, be sure to try the following steps:

  • Make sure read/write is enabled in the texture import settings
  • Try if setting the Sprite Mode Mesh Type to Full Rect helps (sometimes the button's hitbox is off)
  • Disable atlassing under Project Settings > Editor > Sprite Packer > Mode
  • ..and finally what did the trick for me: if you're working in a prefab that's nested inside another prefab (say your have a prefab for your button and then another prefab for your UI canvas/contents), remove the nested prefab from the parent prefab (aka remove the button prefab from the UI prefab), and just add it back in again. It was that freaking simple for me.

I triple checked whether my nested button prefab differed from the button prefab blueprint, and it didn't. But somehow, removing it from the UI prefab and adding it back in again solved my problem with a large sprinkle of magic.

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