I am developing ad asp.net core mvc web application that requires a login using an active directory for account of an organization . I did that with using SingleOrg but what I Need to do is:

1- I want to add also a login using other methods like facebook or google which are usually used using individual user.

2- In individual login a database is created that saves tokens and users but with azure active directory login this is not done why?.


You can add Multiple authentication providers feature to your application to serve the purpose.

For that you have to do the followings:

    .AddMicrosoftAccount(microsoftOptions => { ... })
    .AddGoogle(googleOptions => { ... })
    .AddTwitter(twitterOptions => { ... })
    .AddFacebook(facebookOptions => { ... });
  • Implement the authentication providers

Here are the detail steps

  • when creating an application using individual user a database is automatically created and insert of users to the databases is also automatically done. So is there any way i can add this feature to the organization identity where the app automatically create and store the tokens and users. Thank YOU – Mohammad Farfour Nov 21 '20 at 13:47

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