We have our own CRM system that we built using Coldfusion and MySQL. To receive leads from the Facebook ads we are running, we have the option of downloading a csv file or connecting our CRM to Facebook to receive the leads directly. It looks like most other CRMs use a third-party app like Zapier to connect to FB ads.

Is there a way to connect directly w/o having to use a third-party connector app?

Even if I have to use a connector app, where can I look for info on connecting the connector to a proprietary system? All the docs I've looked at are only for popular CRMs. Thanks for any advice.

  • Have you considered using cfhttp to pull the data? – James A Mohler Nov 22 at 20:31
  • @JamesAMohler yes, I have considered it, but it doesn't appear to be an option. Do you have experience with this? Have you connected to FB ad data with CFHTTP? – Dan Morris Nov 23 at 2:04