PS D:\Bootstrap4\conFusion> git add fatal: Unable to create 'D:/Bootstrap4/conFusion/.git/index.lock': File exists.

Another git process seems to be running in this repository, e.g. an editor opened by 'git commit'. Please make sure all processes are terminated then try again. If it still fails, a git process may have crashed in this repository earlier: remove the file manually to continue.

  • Make sure there are no git processes in memory then try again. If the error persists, then do as the error says and delete index.lock. – tutiplain Nov 21 at 21:48
  • how we can know if there is git processes in memory – a student Nov 21 at 21:52
  • 1
    Does this answer your question? Git - fatal: Unable to create '/path/my_project/.git/index.lock': File exists – pr1nc3 Nov 21 at 21:53
  • not really it doen't help me to fix my problem and when I tried to search for this one D:/Bootstrap4/conFusion/.git/index.lock to delete it manually i didn't find it – a student Nov 21 at 22:17
  • can anyone help me – a student Nov 21 at 22:28

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