I'm trying to display custom information according to userLocation(i.g, ft the user is in Los Angeles, He will get Text("X"). If he is in San Diego, he will get Tex("Y")). For this, I'm using Firestore. There, I have a collection called TEST --> auto ID --> "Name": "Test", Los Angeles: :true

This is how I get userLocation:

class LocationViewModel: NSObject, ObservableObject, CLLocationManagerDelegate{
    @Published var locationManager = CLLocationManager()
    @Published var userLocation : CLLocation!
    @Published var userAddress = ""
    @Published var noLocation = false
    func locationManagerDidChangeAuthorization(_ manager: CLLocationManager) {
        switch manager.authorizationStatus {
        case .authorizedWhenInUse:
            self.noLocation = false
        case .denied:
            self.noLocation = true
            self.noLocation = false
    func locationManager(_ manager: CLLocationManager, didFailWithError error: Error) {
    func locationManager(_ manager: CLLocationManager, didUpdateLocations locations: [CLLocation]) {
        self.userLocation = locations.last
    func extractLocation(){
        CLGeocoder().reverseGeocodeLocation(self.userLocation) { (res, err) in
            guard let safeData = res else {return}
            var address = ""
         //   address += safeData.first?.name ?? ""
         //   address += ", "
            address += safeData.first?.locality ?? ""
            self.userAddress = address

Then, I have this code to getDocuments:

struct Testtt: Identifiable{
    var id: String = UUID().uuidString
    var name: String
    class TesteViewModel: NSObject,ObservableObject{
    @StateObject var LocationModel = LocationViewModel()
    let db = Firestore.firestore()
    @Published var testsss = [Testtt]()
    func testeApp(){
        db.collection("Test").whereField(LocationModel.userAddress, isEqualTo: true).getDocuments { (querySnapshot, err) in
            guard let documents = querySnapshot?.documents else {return }
            self.testsss = documents.map { (queryDocumentSnapshot) -> Testtt in
               let data = queryDocumentSnapshot.data()
                let name = data["Name"] as? String ?? ""
                return Testtt(name: name)
  • Before, instead of LocationModel.userAddress, I manually added the location and it worked fine. But, after using it, the project launched but I got 2 error:

Purple error:

Accessing StateObject's object without being installed on a View. This will create a new instance each time.

Thread 1 error:

Invalid field path (). Paths must not be empty, begin with '.', end with '.', or contain '..'"`

On debug I got:

Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'FIRInvalidArgumentException', reason: 'Invalid field path (). Paths must not be empty, begin with '.', end with '.', or contain '..''

The app crashes right after I press the button that takes me to this class's view

If anyone have any links with more information, I would be grateful to receivw

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Can you check that LocationModel.userAddress has the right content before it being used? If that string was empty or null, could cause this issue.

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  • Yes, when user allows location, the name of the city is displayed – Mateus Neves Nov 23 at 16:14
  • The issue is, that when the user does not allow location an error is thrown? – Juancki Nov 24 at 8:14
  • If so, using an if to check if the location is set would solve the issue – Juancki Nov 24 at 8:15

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