Im facing an issue with GestureDetector wrapping SmoothStarRating, for some strange reason onHorizontalDragEnd doesn't work. I am able to detect only onTap or onLongPressEnd. onRatingChanged works well, but it calls BE multiple times while dragging and updating a rating. That's why I wrapped that with GestureDetector(to update the rating only when the drag is finished). Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?

I attach a code snippet below.

  onHorizontalDragEnd: (detail){
    print("on drug end doesnt work");
    // when drug is finished update record in DB
  onLongPressEnd: (detail){
    print("this works");

  child: Container(
    child: SmoothStarRating(
        allowHalfRating: true,
        onRatingChanged: (v) {
                // sending Bloc event to update raiting
        starCount: 5,
        rating: (rating),

Which version of the package are you using? I assume it's below v1.1.0, as your code contains the now-removed onRatingChanged callback.

If I understand your question correctly: you perform an expensive operation on rating changed event, so you need to debounce the events.

If my assessment is correct, it's pretty simple: you need to upgrade the package to v1.1.0, as it changes the behavior of onRated, effectively debouncing it:

onRated will be called only once for each rating action.For a rating value n , the onRated callback value when half star rating is enabled will be n.5 . Eg: 2.5,3.5 etc.Otherwise the onRated callback value will be n.

Note: the name of the callback has changed to onRated (from onRatingChanged). Otherwise, your code should work fine.

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