Using iOS Charts (by Daniel Gindi https://github.com/danielgindi/Charts) and SwiftUI, I would like to get the selected value from a Line Chart, the highlighted value when the user tap it. The highlight is working, I can see the additional lines for this value.

After some research, I found we have to create this function: chartValueSelected() but it's never called in this case. I suppose I have to deal with the delegate but I did not find any solution or example with SwiftUI. Can someone help ? Thanks LineChart

    import Foundation
    import Charts
    import SwiftUI

    struct GraphMeterLine : UIViewRepresentable {
    var xArray:[Float] = [0,1,2,3,4]
    var yArray:[Float] = [0,3,6,2,12]
    var data = LineChartData()
    let chartline = LineChartView()

        func makeUIView(context: Context) -> LineChartView {
            return chartline

        func updateUIView(_ uiView: LineChartView, context: Context) {
            //when data changes chartd.data update is required
            uiView.data = createGraph()
    func createGraph() -> LineChartData {
        var lineChartEntry = [ChartDataEntry]()
            for i in 0..<yArray.count {
                let value = ChartDataEntry(x: Double(xArray[i]), y: Double(yArray[i]))
        let line1 = LineChartDataSet(entries: lineChartEntry, label: "Number")


                return data

    public func chartValueSelected(_ chartView: ChartViewBase, entry: ChartDataEntry, highlight: Highlight) {
        print("To Display Values X/Y Values here")
        typealias UIViewType = LineChartView

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