So I'm working on a final project for my assembly language class (using Intel 8086 Assembly Language and DOSBox) and I want to incorporate some sort of little graphic in my program. Specifically, I'm wanting to make a little character sprite of a Pokémon, but I don't know where to even start learning how to do this. Can anyone tell me where I should look to learn how to do this and what this would even be called? Thank you in advance!

  • DOSBox can emulate an x86 with VGA graphics, so you can use normal bitmapped graphics like you'd put in a .bmp or .ppm image. – Peter Cordes Nov 22 '20 at 1:50


its a simple ancient unfinished (but playable) game of mine for MS-DOS in asm that uses text mode for menus and gfx mode with sprites for the game itself ... it covers things like:

  • key redefine
  • keyboard 2D movement control (using ISR so you can pres multiple keys at once)
  • map overlay
  • status indicators
  • file handling
  • 256 color 320x200 gfx and 80x25 text VGA modes

Also see these:

That should cover all you need for your project. Anyway If you want more you should dive into Interrupts and HW registers in MS-DOS as most of the peripherrals communicate through them (keyboard, PIT, VGA/VESA/VBE, OS, ... ) and provides things like file handling, access to EMS,XMS, timing,....

The most comprehensive tutorial on all things involved I have seen is:

Which is PC Game Programmer Encyklopedia 1.0 in full name and it covers all of the above and much much more. Its an MS-DOS app viewing the topics (so you need DosBox or MS-DOS). There are also Windows help ports of this but the links I got are dead and too lazy to google them again...

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