I have to add dropdown in multiple sheet but in first sheet it is working but another sheets not working, when open excel it's showing error attaching screenshot. Also i'm adding code.

WorksheetPart wspart = ExcelBase.GetWorkSheetPart(_ConsoleExport._SpreadsheetWorkbook, sSheetName);
 if (wspart.Worksheet.GetFirstChild<DataValidations>() == null)
            wspart.Worksheet.AppendChild<DataValidations>(new DataValidations() { Count = 0 });
        DataValidations dvs = wspart.Worksheet.GetFirstChild<DataValidations>();
        foreach (var cellReference in DictDropDown)
            if (Strings.IsNullOrEmpty(cellReference.Value)) continue;
            DataValidation dataValidation = new DataValidation()
                Type = DataValidationValues.List,
                AllowBlank = true,
                ShowInputMessage = true,
                ShowErrorMessage = true,
                ErrorTitle = "Error: Invalid Status.",
                Error = "Status should be _BLANK, APPROVE or REJECT",
                SequenceOfReferences = new ListValue<StringValue>() { InnerText = cellReference.Key },
                Formula1 = new Formula1("\"" + cellReference.Value + "\"")
            dvs.Count = dvs.Count + 1;

Excel Error Screenshot

After click on Yes

Please help me.

  • I have solved myself. Put Datavalidation child before PageMargin. – Abhilash Kumar Nov 24 at 7:52

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