I am trying to use ASpli: Analysis of Alternative Splicing Using RNA-Seq. When I tried to run gbcounts function, it shows the following error:

Error in gbCounts(features = features, targets = targets, minReadLength = 100,  : 
  could not find function "gbCounts

The sample code I am using now is:

TxDb <- makeTxDbFromGFF(file="GSE149156_transcripts_hg38.gtf",format="gtf")
genome   <- loadDb("gene.sqlite")
features <- binGenome(genome)
targets  <- data.frame(bam = c("CT_1.BAM", "CT_2.BAM","CT_3.BAM","TR_1.BAM", "TR_2.BAM", "TR_3.BAM"),genotype = c( "CT", "CT", "CT",  "TR", "TR", "TR" ),stringsAsFactors = FALSE)
mBAMs <- data.frame(bam=c("CT.BAM", "TR.BAM"),condition=c("CT","TR"))
gbcounts  <- gbCounts( features = features,targets = targets,minReadLength = 100, maxISize = 50000,libType="SE",strandMode=0)

To resolve this issue, what should I do?. Suggestions pls.

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  • What version of the package are you using? – MrFlick Nov 22 at 4:33
  • @MrFlick, I am using Aspli 1.14.0 Version. – Syful Islam Nov 22 at 5:52
  • Looks like the latest version is 2.0.0. Maybe that's a function that was introduced later. – MrFlick Nov 22 at 6:14
  • Yeah. I found the documentation for 1.4.0 bioconductor.org/packages/3.11/bioc/html/ASpli.html and in that version the function was called readCounts. It's been supersede by gbCounts in newer versions of the package. – MrFlick Nov 22 at 6:19

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