Cannot use "by viewModel" from Activity

I want to inject a ViewModel for an Activity, so I tried this. But it was failed, Android Studio cannot find reference of it.

private val mainViewModel: MainViewModel by viewModel()

My activity extends AppCompatActivity, and gradle dependencies includes these libraries:

implementation 'androidx.core:core-ktx:1.3.2'
def koin_version = '2.2.1'
implementation "org.koin:koin-android:$koin_version"
implementation "org.koin:koin-androidx-scope:$koin_version"
implementation "org.koin:koin-androidx-viewmodel:$koin_version"
implementation "org.koin:koin-androidx-fragment:$koin_version"
implementation "androidx.lifecycle:lifecycle-viewmodel-savedstate:$koin_version"

What I tried:

The code below is working, but I want to use new default "SavedStateHandle" feature of Koin 2.2.0.

private val mainViewModel: MainViewModel by inject()

I found this code was already included, Android Studio cannot find it.


inline fun <reified T : ViewModel> ComponentActivity.viewModel(
        qualifier: Qualifier? = null,
        noinline state: BundleDefinition? = null,
        noinline owner: ViewModelOwnerDefinition = { from(this, this) },
        noinline parameters: ParametersDefinition? = null,
): Lazy<T> {
    return lazy(LazyThreadSafetyMode.NONE) {
        getViewModel(qualifier, state, owner, parameters)

In Fragment, both viewModel and sharedViewModel works fine.

private val viewModel by viewModel<SearchViewModel>()
private val mainViewModel by sharedViewModel<MainViewModel>()

Question: What is the best way to inject ViewModel in Activity with Koin 2.2.0+ version?


I added this manually, and it works fine.

import org.koin.androidx.viewmodel.ext.android.viewModel

I was missing the koin-android dependency:

// Koin for the dependencies injections
def koin_version = "3.1.2"
implementation "io.insert-koin:koin-core:$koin_version"
implementation "io.insert-koin:koin-test:$koin_version"
implementation "io.insert-koin:koin-android:$koin_version"
implementation "io.insert-koin:koin-core-ext:$koin_version"

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