I'm trying to do a pretty basic web scrape but I'd like to be able to use variables so I don't have to keep repeating code for multiple pages.

example line of code:

elems = results.find_all("span", class_="st_2XVIMK7 st_8u0ePN3 st_2oUi2Vb st_3kXJm4P")

I would like it to read as:

elems = results.find_all(<variable>) 

and then have my variable be:

'"span", class_="st_2XVIMK7 st_8u0ePN3 st_2oUi2Vb st_3kXJm4P"'

However, when I do this, I get no results. I've included the rest of the function below. Does anyone know why this will not work?

EDIT: I've also tried splitting it up like below example but still get the same issue:

elems = results.find_all(variable1 , class_=variable2)
variable1 = '"span"'
variable2 = '"st_2XVIMK7 st_8u0ePN3 st_2oUi2Vb st_3kXJm4P"'


def get_name(sym,result,elem,name):
    url = URL + sym
    page = requests.get(url)

    soup = BeautifulSoup(page.content, 'html.parser')
    results = soup.find(id=result)
    elems = results.find_all(elem)

    for elem in elems:
        name_elem = elem.find(name)

get_name('top',"app",'"span",class_="st_2XVIMK7 st_8u0ePN3 st_2oUi2Vb st_3kXJm4P"','"span","st_3lrv4Jo"')

The find_all method takes more then one parameter you are just using a string in the first argument of the method which would struggle to find anything

you will need to split the variable into multiple so your variable '"span", class_="st_2XVIMK7 st_8u0ePN3 st_2oUi2Vb st_3kXJm4P"' will need to be split into to variables elem = "span" and class="st_2XVIMK7 st_8u0ePN3 st_2oUi2Vb st_3kXJm4P"

and in your code it will look like elems = results.find_all(elem, class)

Just a few more things:
according to the documentation https://www.crummy.com/software/BeautifulSoup/bs4/doc/#find-all and what i can find online the class parameter takes a Dict with a string array for multiple class values so your function will look more like
findAll(elem, {'class':['st_2XVIMK7', 'st_8u0ePN3', 'st_2oUi2Vb', 'st_3kXJm4P']})

  • I had tried that as well. If you look at the results = soup.find(id=result) line, you'll see that i put in the "id=" and then the variable. That was because I was having a similar issue there. Changing the code to something like elems = results.find_all(elem, class_=clas) (where elem = "span" and clas = "st_2XVIMK7 st_8u0ePN3 st_2oUi2Vb st_3kXJm4P") still produces no output – whileINside Nov 22 '20 at 23:41
  • 1
    @whileINside I cant comment directly on your post BUT also the variables need to not have " in them, variable1 = '"span"' should just be variable1 = 'span' and from the documentation to have multiple class variables you need to put them in a dict like so {'class':['class1', 'class2']} – Norton409 Nov 23 '20 at 5:58

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