I would like to plot the emmeans of a glmmTMB model using plot(). When my glmmTMB model takes in log transformed data, plot(emmeans(glmmTMB_model)) works just fine. However, when I attempt to plot the emmeans of the glmmTMB model of non-transformed data, I get the following error: Error in linkinv(summ$the.emmean) : could not find function "linkinv".

See my code below:

Site <- c(4,4,5,5)
Treatment <- c("Burnt_Intact-Vegetation","Burnt_Intact-Vegetation", "Burnt_Cleared", "Burnt_Cleared")
pH <- c(5.94, 5.91, 5.44, 5.49)

pH_EC_data <- data_frame(Site, Treatment, pH)

pH_model <- glmmTMB(pH~Treatment+(1|Site), data = pH_EC_data)
log10pH_model<- glmmTMB(log10(`pH`)~Treatment+(1|Site), data = pH_EC_data)

log10pH_analysis <- emmeans(log10pH_model, pairwise~Treatment, type = "response")
##This plot works just fine.

pH_analysis <- emmeans(pH_model, pairwise~Treatment, type = "response")
##This code results in the following error: Error in linkinv(summ$the.emmean) : could not find function "linkinv"

Note, log10pH_analysis and pH_analysis differ by one column. Emmeans of glmmTMB of logged data creates a "response" column whereas the same manipulation of non-tranformed data resulted in an "emmeans" column. See below:


 Treatment               response     SE df lower.CL upper.CL
 Burnt_Cleared               5.47 0.0167  2     5.40     5.54
 Burnt_Intact-Vegetation     5.90 0.0180  2     5.82     5.98

Confidence level used: 0.95 
Intervals are back-transformed from the log10 scale 

 contrast                                  estimate      SE df t.ratio p.value
 Burnt_Cleared - (Burnt_Intact-Vegetation)  -0.0329 0.00188  2 -17.520 0.0032 

Note: contrasts are still on the log10 scale


 Treatment               emmean     SE df lower.CL upper.CL
 Burnt_Cleared             5.47 0.0176  2     5.39     5.55
 Burnt_Intact-Vegetation   5.90 0.0176  2     5.82     5.98

Confidence level used: 0.95 

 contrast                                  estimate     SE df t.ratio p.value
 Burnt_Cleared - (Burnt_Intact-Vegetation)    -0.43 0.0249  2 -17.238 0.0033 

Thank you.

  • Using the two-sided formula in emmeans() has it create a list of two emmGrid objects. I don't think that is what you want to llot, and I suggest removing the left-hand side (pairwise) and using just ~treatment
    – Russ Lenth
    Nov 23, 2020 at 3:52
  • Also, I'm not sure if log10 is fully supported (I'll have to check). If you just use log() instead of log10, you'll get the same predictions after back-transforming to the response scale.
    – Russ Lenth
    Nov 23, 2020 at 3:55

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I am able to duplicate this with a similar example. It is due to a coding error that I will correct in the next update of the package.

The problem is related to the fact that your pH_analysis object is actually a list of two emmGrid objects -- one for the estimated marginals means, and the other for the pairwise comparisons of them. If you do

plot(pH_analysis, which = 1)    # or plot(pH_analysis[[1]])

it will work just fine. The error occurs in trying to plot the second one as well, and the coding error has to do with the fact that the pairwise comparisons are not on a transformed scale but it thinks they are.

I do suggest that you not use plot() on the results of an emmeans() call with a two-sided formula or list of specs; and instead pick out the part you actually want to plot. Also, I think you must have a fairly old version of emmeans, as the default for plot() in recent versions is which = 1.

Thanks for reporting this bug.

  • I originally created this code on version 3.6.3 and had no problems then moved to a new computer and downloaded R version 4.0.3 and that's when it began returning the error described above. I guess I'm not sure what version of emmeans() I was running, but I assumed it was the most up to date with R v4.0.3. Thanks for your help.
    – Mondik
    Nov 26, 2020 at 4:26
  • At any rate, the interim solution is either to install emmeans from GitHub or to refit the model using log instead of log10. Either will yield the same estimates with type = "response"
    – Russ Lenth
    Nov 26, 2020 at 5:13

It seems that type = "response" causes the problem for the non-transformed data.

pH_analysis <- emmeans(pH_model, pairwise~Treatment)
##Plots beautifully; problem resolved
  • That doesn't resolve the problem because it is desired to have the results on the response scale rather than on the log10 scale.
    – Russ Lenth
    Nov 23, 2020 at 3:57

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